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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Like Chimps on Fire!

That's what Iran and Israel portend. We live with looking over our shoulder and one eye always open because of our allies’ actions.  Israel is a convenient ally, when it’s convenient for them.  But they are also possessed with fanatic doctrine and ignorant to mere prideful bluster by an opponent.  Iran has some 25 million people—are they that crazy? 

The Hobson’s choice of mutual destruction is not mutual; Iran doesn’t have the bomb, Israel’s military capabilities presumably superior to Iran’s. It’s just a fact of life like a chess master resigns when his fight is weak. Bigger have backed down in similar situations if only to protect their own citizenry and maybe even humanity. Russia was an equal, Iran is not—Kruschev saw the light with the Cuban Missle crisis.  Perhaps Iran’s leaders are blinded by their ignorance or pride.  But better to live another day as the cliché goes; many a dog has tucked their tail between their legs only to feast on other bones. Perhaps they’ll see the day that sanctions have applied enough pressure—if they’re allowed to work.

Iran has a choice.  Continue the Saddam like bluster and face the inevitable invasion of Israel, or call it a day and get back in line. It might be unfair, Israel has a bomb and big brother; but we’ve all come across similar situations. Plenty a poker player’s bluff has been called without the loser throwing over the table. Plenty a schoolyard kid went home unfulfilled in their dreams of a Karate Kid’s finale.  Instead, Iran suffers suffocating sanctions, the alienation of its worldly neighbors, and the slow erosion of neighboring support as they, too, topple to their own internal strife.  Unfortunately, Iran’s fanatic dictators spin the story that the great satans have nothing better to do in our world of climate change, hunger, unemployment, and financial instability, among others, than focus on Iran’s teenage pursuit of independence. In some way Iranians are captive to their leaders’ ideologies; sound familiar?

But who’s going to act in the region against Israel. If it weren’t for the likes of the Eric Cantors, providing the gasoline, providing a big shadow for Israel to hide behind, where would Israel get the balls to go it alone?  Panetta and the emasculated Obama administration (in this situation) join the game and tip the board in the West’s favor.  I’m torn because I’m embarrassed for the Iranians.  They’re people with pride, equality, and much to contribute to the world—they have demonstrated it amply in the past.  But they can only be a sore loser in this game; jeopardizing their own even more.  Israel has the bomb. Iran has a nut for their own for a leader. It’s a calculated risk on Israel’s part.  They all eat their own crap—they all drink the same cool aid.  They’re just setting the table like the Bush bunch did pre Iraq; because they can. Would Iran even use their own bomb—there’s fallout you know?  Zionist inmates are running the asylum and the rest of the world runs around like chimps on fire  Why would Israel heed military restraint when they now take and settle in territory that’s clearly not theirs?  Netanyahu Zionists gone wild. Their choice here is as David Ignatius clearly states, it’s “a roll of the dice” and all we can do is plead because of our own compromised inability to have a greater say.

Will we be better off for Israel doing the dirty work? Hey, it only took 19 fanatics to kill 3000 and change our way of life for the foreseeable future.  We are slaves aren’t we, to those who fantasize about a return to a homeland that never really existed. We subsidized and armed, and enabled it for years, and we will risk the results for years to come.   We're getting used to sleeping with one eye open in our trade for pursuit of religious fantasy.

Most of the earth has drunk the potion that says there are some “chosen” some not, some superior to others, some behaviors within mankind’s human universals unacceptable to others, and some shall be disadvantaged because others determined it so. We’ve all traveled the Footprints to Hate. 
No Flies !         

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  1. Oh, check out the wikispooks site on 9/11 and Israel.

    I havent quite put on my tinfoil hat yet but... it's very tough to brush all the evidence they've amassed aside.

    What if a minority of a minority has actually acted against the best interests of the U.S., Iran, Israel, and the world itself?