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Thursday, November 24, 2011

An Austere Thanksgiving!

Just what we need; a skinny turkey on an unnecessary diet.  Austerity doesn’t mean cutting jobs necessary for the operation of a thriving society.  Austerity means cutting wasteful, unnecessary spending---even if that includes the likes of cutting unnecessary military expenditures simply being maintained for fear of losing jobs.  Create other jobs, fix roads, and improve infrastructure, broadband, education and research. Figure ways to enhance people’s quality of life---not cut the meat off their bones. 

Educate society so they can care for themselves rather than being on a welfare system of entitlements and safety nets.  It’s a human right to have a job, to feed one’s family; not thru ideological posture squeeze every penny out of a society to benefit a few.  Capitalism might be the best concept for an economy; but unbridled, it’s not the panacea.  Everyone is not a capitalist; and if you’re not, you shouldn’t fear for your wellbeing because of the folly of those who play the game.

Austerity doesn’t mean dismantling Human rights, one of which is the right to collective bargaining; so the last penny can be squeezed from the coffers that need it most.  The worker bees don’t get to question the queen, but they expect to do their jobs for appropriate compensation.  Crony capitalism rewards only a few, with trickledown crumbs for the rest.

Austerity doesn’t mean cut back on essential services that provides safety nets for the less fortunate; particularly when the barrier is a few decimal points or zeroes to those who will never consume their acquisitions in their lifetimes, but those who live on the edge will perish in a moment.  Austerity doesn’t mean cut expenditures for restoration and modernization to infrastructure; the well-to-do use the same highways and bridges.  The deterioration is timeless. 

Keeping our society ignorant and in ill health doesn’t serve anybody any good in the long run.  You either end up with slaves, welfare rolls, or an indigent population. That’s the society we should be proud of?  Spending on useless military items only keeps the ones manufacturing them in business; making useless things that only, maybe, come in handy in a war.  How about making things that benefit society everyday; like energy conserving things to help stave off global warming; which is indiscriminate when it comes to income brackets.

Austerity has its place in economic computations.  But that doesn’t mean we stop spending on necessities. Sure circumstances change and actuarial tables need adjustment based on reality, but it doesn’t mean you gut a society for economic ideology; adjust with the times.  A sovereign government has the ability to exceed its budgets specifically in times like these to get the economy going and people back to work.  Increased employment will solve a lot of our economic problems. It shouldn’t mean we get used to 15%+ unemployment which leads to a disgruntled society waiting for the end so those more fortunate can gain more of the pie.  Everybody should have a piece of the pie; it’s those dreams that motivate.

This cry for austerity at the expense of the populous is crocodile tears. The well-to-do benefit by cutting social programs so they can pay less taxes; but at whose expense?  Voters have to decide what kind of country they want to live in.

Jobs mean prosperity for all.  An election that benefits the few fails all.  Yet it has been the goal of republicans interested in nothing more than to see that Obama is a onetime president.  Regardless of his accomplishments, the right will find any method they can to prevent the president from achieving what’s right for the country first.  They will stop at no tactic regardless of the pain it brings to the country to spin that he is the worst so they can hope the electorate will vote him out.  Rarely has the filibuster been threatened as how it has now become routine; an impossible task to overcome simply because of the diversity that this country enjoys.  Obstreperous politicians arbitrarily pledging to refrain from sound economic practice for the benefit of a few should be thrown out of office; plain and simple.  Otherwise, you’ve seen the last of the great American Empire; and the reason.

No Flies !         

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