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Monday, October 24, 2011

Footprints of Hate

Would that be a fitting title of a book that describes the history of man’s inhumanity to man?   

Many of our ills today are the resulting ignorance from the grip of 2500 year old religious tenets that have discriminated and enslaved people, committed genocide in its name, but continue to be taught and policies enacted based on the same erroneous information.  It’s not conjecture anymore, it’s scientific fact; differences between man amount to little more than opportunity.

Wouldn’t the world be a different place if it were actively taught that, instead of as recently as 100 years ago, William Ripley’s, Races of Europe, or Carleton Coon’s Origin of Races as recently as 1962, was not valid science, but instead, it were aggressively taught that there is no justification for the concept that anybody on this earth, regardless of skin color, is a different species?  And that it was also actively taught that in light of this information, any policy constructed on this erroneous foundation would fail society with these beliefs?  And we’re seeing the effects first hand today with people of color disproportionately out of work.

For the first time, the actual connection between the persistence of ignorance of the latest scientific findings and the consequential failures of our social treatment of one another because of believing the contrary is available.  It addresses how this erroneous line of thinking has affected our treatment of one another and how, worse yet, it is still permitted to exist.  But it doesn’t stop with the “Racial” question; it goes beyond and it affects most of the planet in more ways than are visibly recognized.  It is a topic with a plethora of issues.   Israeli/Palestinian hate; homosexuality hate, same sex marriage, military service; illegal immigration; ethnicities; white, black, Chinese, Japanese; Islam, Christianity, Judaism; Apartheid, slavery, discrimination, Jim Crow; the poor, the wealthy, the undeserving, the labels; the Holocaust, the Jews, Genocide, Rwanda, Bosnia; Wops, Kikes, Niggers, faggots, we got ‘em all here, and more; famous bigots, mass murderers, innocent racists, victims, perpetrators; the list and questions go on longer than the pages here as tribute to the lies we have lived and yet continue to perpetuate with just about every child born on earth today.  This is mother earth’s humanity today.

If these lies continue to be disseminated, as the capability was illustrated with the Bertha and Tea Party movements, the deleterious effects of this polarization of issues beyond race, will be, considering we are in a new world of telecommunication and man’s global movements, catastrophic.  Just think of 9/11 and beyond, to possibly the world’s worst nightmares; not necessarily created by rogue mentality, but by our neighbors.


  1. You need to read the latest Steven Pinker, huh?

    It's actually getting better. The key point is that our brains are wired for a group of 150 people, but we receive damage reports from seven billion people. Personally, we're pretty safe and stable, but when we succumb to the news cycle, and its hysterical pumping of all the world's ills into our poor local brain, we feel bad.

    Don't feel bad. Be nice to your neighbors, and maybe they'll be nice to you.

  2. I'm with you Ormond; the age of telecommunications is presenting it's challenges. Be nice to your neighbor, give him mutual respect, and stop the hypocrisy. Maybe someone should set the example and lead the way. Oh, and BTW, Pinker's the man---Blank slate all the way.