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Thursday, September 1, 2011

We’re getting a little slower

in our production of essays at thenoflieszone.  Not because there’s a dearth of topics.  On the contrary, reporters probably have never been busier or bewildered as to what subjects take priority.  But, I, for one, without benefit of staff, only have 24 hours in my day.  And not coming from a prolific literary background, I haven’t figured out how to get more into the day when I have other things that need attention.  But I’m happy to say that, of all people, I am working on a book.  And this is what seems to be demanding more of my authoring time.  Fortunately, the diversionary topic happens to be an expansion of thenoflieszone’s agenda.

I also have something to admit.  I have been holding back.  My concern for human rights taking precedence over 2500 year old dogma is because there happens to be new scientific evidence contradicting these dated tenets.  The subject of my book will be the revelation of this information and how it relates to man’s inhumanity towards man.  The discrimination, apartheid, slavery, genocide etc. is a result of the perpetuation of wrong information as to who we are.  Consequently, many of our social ills and programs are a result of perceptions of man garnered from myths and stories.  Yet, why would we perpetuate such atrocities?  Good question, glad I asked.  And when it comes to an overwhelming amount of information applicable to the specifics of this topic, little is discussed as the reason for these criminal acts.  Perhaps we can now point to a more nefarious possibility that the prejudices and injustices that have haunted us for ages are based on agendas and policies designed to favor the few while harming the many.  Wouldn’t THAT be a startling revelation; not. 

The overwhelming point is that there’s a sea tide of humanity all over the world that suffers by basic standards of what an American would call, pathetic.  Yet some examples occur right here on U.S. soil.  We live in a world where too many think that those less fortunate are really less deserving.  We remember the thousands boarded in the coliseum in the wake of hurricane Katrina.  Yet most were black or poor whites.  It was somehow their fault they lived in New Orleans and what happened to them was their responsibility and their task to return or rebuild.  But we’re talking humanity; are some more deserving than others?  Does one who has more opportunity deserve better treatment or is more human than another with less materialism?  Does skin color have anything to do with our perceptions?  The dots will be connected.

In 1948, as a response to the atrocities of WWII, the participating world countries enacted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  These articles in recognition of human universals, before they were discovered, recognized certain inalienable rights, the same in our constitution, worthy of all man regardless of race, economic or social status.  This was enacted regardless of competing or contradicting religious tenets.  It is these rights that should take precedence over manmade legislation and the myths and stories that delude rational thinking. 

It is this destructive intolerance that continues today when there are children still being taught that certain behaviors of man are abhorrent; discrimination should be permitted when it comes to property rights; giving assistance during national crisis should be legislated on a state level basis; evolution is only a theory, as in hypothesis; creationism is as valid a science as evolution; and everybody who breathes should pay their fair share of taxes, regardless of their income; even if they’re below the poverty level; and a gazillion other “facts” based on these myths and stories.  We can rationalize ‘till the cows come home who is entitled to what.  But the root of who and what we are should determine what basics every person should enjoy.
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