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Friday, September 23, 2011

So, What's New?

Same ole same ole.  Netanyahu refuses to wrest control of sanity from the extreme right wing of Israeli politics.  Obama can’t wrest control from the extreme right wing of American politics.  Teenagers are still committing suicide because of their inability to cope with the bullying that comes with their relatively different sexual preferences.  Millions are out of work in the US because ideological directives steer politics rather than the needs of the country.  And the country falls behind the rest of the world when it comes to progressive thinking.  Yeah, same ole same ole.

Bebe N. finally recognizes that the USA IS the best friend of Israel; despite the political rants of the right because IS there anyone else willing to take the heat for vetoing a U.N. resolution declaring Palestinian statehood?  Personally, because I don’t stand for the myths and folklore that enabled the creation of the state in the first place, and the ensuing hypocrisy for 60 years, they should stand on their own and answer for themselves why they remain recalcitrant towards a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians.  I don’t buy the American rationale that the two entities should negotiate directly---they haven’t in 60 years that has yielded any fruit.  Bebe refuses to reign in the fanatics who dictate the occupation of property outside the 1967 boundaries and only inflame an unjust situation in the first place.  On top of that, Israeli courts are becoming more restrictive with the interpretation of the “Right of Return” as to who’s a jew. Israel is looking more like Iran every day.  We’re going to call them Isran.

If Obama came on board the Titanic after it hit the iceberg; would he be considered the worst captain?  Well that’s the picture the Tea Party/Republican crowd would have you believe.  And what’s worse yet, they’re succeeding to a degree that a democratic president might not get reelected based on that platform.  Go figure.  In the eight years before he was elected, with ALL the Bush tax cuts, the Republican administration drove up the debt; job creation was paltry; a surplus was squandered; they waged two wars on a credit card further driving up the debt; and among all the social programs aimed for conservatives, left office with the biggest financial disaster ever seen since the great depression.  And because Obama hasn’t gotten cooperation on the solution side from congress, all they want him to do is fail---regardless of who suffers in the process.  Apparently it’s ideology first instead of country.

Kids are still being bullied because they might have sexual preferences that are statistically below the average of all sexual practices.  But that behavior isn’t abnormal compared to heterosexuality so says the American Psychiatric Assoc. and others.  Why should they be labeled gay because they prefer homosexual relationships any more than people are labeled straight any more than some of all are NOSE PICKERS and they’re NOT labeled?  But maybe the bullying continues because the perpetrators are ignorant because they are taught that those practicing homosexual behavior is something to detest. Their label is the new Hester Prynne’s, Scarlet Letter.  Maybe the organized religions should be indicted for the equivalence of shouting fire in a crowded movie theater.  I thought hate speech was illegal.  One reason we detest Iran is because they castigate homosexual behavior.  So what differentiates us from them in that department?  They’re going to change our name to USran.

Everybody’s getting used to 15-20% unemployment and restructuring budgets and hiring practices based on the new “reality”.  The mantra is cut taxes, cut expenses, cut programs aiding the elderly, the poor, and the uneducated; anything not having anything to do with those who have enough in their pockets not to feel the effects of our economic calamity.  A jobs bill for $450 bil purportedly to crate 1mil+ jobs is hardly a jobs bill.  How about an infrastructure bill for trillions paid for with the offshore corporate dollars that need repatriating to be accomplished in the form of war type bonds?  Make a deal. Millions of jobs would be created creating the demand needed to spur more hiring and refuel the tax revenues.  More fruit would come out of that move than paring down the tree to a stump. 

Now there’s a push to spread ignorance.  It’s almost fashionable to believe in the pseudoscience of creationism rather than the hardcore science of natural selection, known as evolution, because it’ll upset some 2500 year old dogma.  It’s fashionable to believe that climate change doesn’t exist because we are fearful of losing jobs; because we refuse to think how to create new jobs.  It’s ignorance to believe in the retreaded supply side economics and cut taxes when it’s failed miserably twice in the last 30 years and some want to keep doing it.  It’s ignorant to continue to believe in deities when this practice’s policies retarding science prevent us from competing with the rest of the world.  You can privately believe what you want, but you don’t make public policy that affects all.

So it’s the same ole same ole. We can continue all this insanity by just reelecting the same that want to continue the same ole same ole obstinance; or we can vote them out and give the president the tools he needs to save the Titanic.  At this point continuation of the same ole same ole can’t be worse than the cost of giving him a repair kit to save the ship.  While the country dithers, I’ll just go back to writing my book.

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