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Monday, August 15, 2011

Returning to Europe

Revisiting the influence of the church (organized religion) over the centuries, and its established religious dogma and tenets, only served to overwhelm one’s senses.  The imprint of this institution has lasted thousands of years, killed and tortured millions, consumed natural and manmade resources, diverted human needs, enriched their coffers, all at the expense of those who either overtly refused to conform or simply because they were from different cultures; and all the above under the auspices of some misdirected concepts or stories.  Mindboggling that these stories can be glorified and romanticized as a form of coercion to enlist its followers are still surviving.  Isn’t it time to say enough; time to reclaim who or get to experience who we are without relinquishing control to a cult; “You’re either with us or against us mentality”?  Ian Buruma says in Taming the Gods, that Europe has essentially separated from the church.  After seeing all the topless women on the beaches I can believe him. Europe may live with the vestiges of religion; but where does America get off with our conservative evangelicalism and the desire to return to a cave man mentality to be our salvation?  Like a Texas Gov. and Presidential candidate, Rick Perry says; “pray for rain”.  C'mon!

The opulence, the grandiosity, the narcissism of the church is beyond human comprehension.  It can only be appreciated when understanding that the influence in this country has only been a matter of some 500 years when it has been thousands of years in the making for the rest of the world.  Ignoring the mind control consequences for a moment, just the economic and resources impact, alone, of constructing these churches, is a significant impact on humanity.  These structures sometimes took 100’s of years to erect, consuming human resources and concentration----and for what?  We know today the economic impact of the construction of a hydroelectric dam or a bridge contributes as an investment to a society.  Not only are they engines of economic growth and stimulation, they are investments in continued productivity and function.  On simple terms, a bridge enables transportation from one point to another in a more expedient fashion.  A dam contributes power.  The construction of these churches didn’t happen overnight.  The resources used were at the expense of those conquered.  And what was their contribution to society other than a current, at the time, economic stimulus; the vehicle for perpetuating the cult?  They didn’t happen overnight.  There aren’t just a few.  It wasn’t and still isn’t a passing whim.   

The construction of the evangelist’s “Saddleback” type churches may provide jobs during construction; just the way Kentuckey’s Creationist and Noah’s arks Museum are projects.  And yes, as ongoing entities they do provide jobs the same way Disney does.  But nobody advances Mickey Mouse as reality.  Therefore, what do they contribute when they’re finished?  What benefits do Egypt’s Pyramids produce today except those attributable to tourism?  On the other hand, what does the Hoover Dam contribute or a modernized airport, highway system, hi speed rail, all the bridges, office buildings, malls vs. all the churches and temples? At least the others benefit the greater society as a whole as opposed to advancing the precepts of a few.  A bridge is secular, a church is not.

Tourism is a byproduct of such projects today, but are there better uses of our resources and investment dollars?  Are we building tomorrow’s useless tourist attractions, today?  Pyramids are monuments of times and past beliefs.  What will they say when the Creationist museums and museums to Noah’s arks are reviewed for contributions in our so called age of austerity because our priorities became scrambled?  What were we thinking or who or what was in the driver’s seat of our decision makers when it’s reviewed as to whether, broadband, high speed trains and dams make more sense or metal detectors, walls around cities, missile defense systems, bible museums, cutting education and social programs or healthcare are prudent policies and to the greater benefit of whom?

It IS important to visit other countries and cultures to compare our lifestyles and cultures first hand rather than the spin we hear on a daily basis from the Foxes and other “managed” news sources.  It IS important to see how others are dealing or addressing problems that confront us all---like energy conservation.

It is remarkable to see wind turbines and their graceful contribution to solving alternatives to dirty fossil fuels.  It’s awesome to see the solar panels and particularly the solar collectors outside Seville.  These are symbols of man’s ingenuity and creativity and willingness to tackle the issues---not simply have faith that they are problems that will solve themselves like a Rick Perry’s appeal for some deity’s intervention.

Whereas a China will declare a national interest and a war against their failures and address their problems albeit with constraining authority; a true democracy with its endless debates is not simply about objective debates when special interests cloud the objective judgments with ideology.  So which is truly the better system?

Socialism as a word has been demonized because of its application and association to failed policies of the past.  But as the world changes and dichotomies emerge between haves and have nots, it becomes obvious that the wild west of unregulated capitalism does not work for the benefit of those who cannot participate because the system has become too concrete in both extremes. There is a hybrid of the two that works better. But the opportunities of one vs. the other is not equal; not after the effects of the system have been gamed by those with the opportunity.  Those without remain perpetually disadvantaged when the tools for success favor one over the other.

Funny, but while on vacation I had the fortune of stumbling on a couple of interesting books.  One was Folklore Myths and Legends of Britain.  Amazing how religions have evolved over the centuries due to the ignorance and fear of man.  For thousands of years man has worshiped gods and demons and the natural elements as being wonders possessing special powers that couldn’t be explained.  Many of those religions whether pagan influences or more established religions were usually hybrids of earlier ideas with new religions of conquered peoples.  And because man has been migrating for thousands of years across the globe, the current predominant surviving religions are really a combination of thousands of years of folklore, myths and legends that have survived in spite of scientific evidence to the contrary.  Fascinating stuff when one takes the time to delve a little deeper into our reasons for why and how we operate as a species.

This is the tip of an iceberg that I have become involved in and is leading to a book.  Man’s inhumanity towards man based on myths, folklore and legends.  Yet in spite of modern scientific information to the contrary, these behaviors still exist and are perpetuated because of ignorance to the facts.  Visiting Europe helps to put things into perspective as to who we are as Americans and what are our roots.  It also sheds light on how other parts of the world address common issues that confront us all.  But it’s almost like meeting the long lost and forgotten Uncle.  When we do, it becomes much clearer as to why we behave the way we do.

More to come on the grandest church currently being erected; but being paid for by tourists.
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