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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gone fishing.......

Not really, just taking some time off to travel and experience foreign cultures and not have to get depressed with the country’s current state of political affairs.

Every day one’s head can spin from the rationalizations offered when confronting issues  require more than ideological solutions.  Every day we waste time arguing distracting nonsense as opposed to sifting thru plausible solutions.  To people who are unencumbered by the dogma of pseudoscience or obscuring selfish objectives, it seems ludicrous to belabor proposals so transparent in their insincerity; particularly when old ideas are repackaged and respun for the gullible.  Ultimately, though, the country suffers in the long run.  And this is the disconcerting issue.  We may lament that we are leaving our children a mountain of debt.  But unless we solve the problems before us in a more equitable and fairer way towards its citizens, we will be leaving issues far more problematic as time goes on.  For the gain of the few 1% of the wealthiest, the rest of the population will be impoverished or stagnant in their endeavors.  Ideological zealots may win the battle of media penetration and short term gains, but they will ultimately lose the war on society’s ills.  They can be proud of that too.

This country was founded on social and religious freedom---NOT capitalistic motives.  Neglecting social fabric for profits cannot sustain the quality of who we have been on our worst day.  Globalization has been a good thing; just like the Age of Exploration; but it doesn’t come with consequences that we don’t have to deal with.  Sure there’ll probably be some deal on the debt ceiling and the world will go on handling the issues as they surface.  But the quality of compromises and solutions suffer because the starting points are from ideological extremes whose ignorance can only to be magnified in the internet world.

There may be valid points on each side of the ideological spectrum but, unfortunately, for the country, they get drowned out in dogma.  Our greatness as a country came from that escape from the oppression of thought when this country was founded and excelled from the dark ages with the enlightenment of the Renaissance.  This country will have seen its greatest day when we were unconstrained by the chains of dogma’s certainty.  What will it take to return to that dialogue?  Pledges, such as, “no increased taxes”,  are for group membership, not independent thinking.  We’ve forgotten who we are, why we originally formed a country, why we’ve remained competitive.  Pledges to ideological dogma are good for constraining free thought---not for solving problems that disregard conformity.

Unless healthcare is addressed, along with climate change, social security, immigration, education, infrastructure modernization and maintenance, broadband, research, jobs, alternative energy, human rights, discrimination, and a whole host of others topics needing realistic attention, the cost to our society will far exceed whatever detrimental effects could arise from raising revenues.  Trying to balance a budget simply by the dogma of cutting spending on social benefits and investments without increasing revenues will doom our society to a fate worse than our competitors.  As we slide down the standard of living gauge which we once enjoyed, other countries will be gaining at our expense.  Those who succeed with their mantras of ideology by spinning already failed policies and continued discrimination will leave a legacy of our demise rivaling that of Rome.  It doesn’t have to be; but it will if the majority (that’s the you and I schnooks, the teaparty shlameels, and everyone else who works for a living) fails to understand that their fates are being manipulated by the few who don’t share their common interests. Their fates are being manipulated by those who benefit most from controlling policies that primarily enrich their coffers or advance their religious objectives; and it’s been happening before our eyes.  Just some things to think about; but not while fishing.

I’ll be back.                     No Flies !            

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  1. Traveling to other places to experience something new is very exciting and fulfilling. I am still not loosing hope for the future of this country though, and I love living here.