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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clicking Our Heels Doesn’t Make it Better

Legislating same sex rights in N.Y. doesn’t settle the issue of equality and end the discrimination.  With the passage of the gay rights bill it was a significant step in the political process for recognition---in one state.  But as the vote reveals, 33-29, there are almost half of the votes still in denial of equality for a significant portion of the population; not to mention there are still states that would not recognize this human rights acknowledgement.

So it’s an important first step; but it illustrates there’s much work to do.  What is of note is that because this issue was close to home for some of the Republican supporters, it was able “to do what they knew was right”.  Is that what it takes for something to get done to do the right thing; people will only do the right thing if they can relate to an issue?  Do we have to run out of gas or see the price go to $/gal to know that our dependency on oil and lack of conservation measures is a doomed policy?  Do we have to have rioting in the streets, like Greece, because our economic policies fail to meet the needs of its constituency?   Do we have to have another failed bridge because of decaying, neglected infrastructure, to realize that decay will not wait for an electorate to realize that austerity, alone, is not a productive program?  Is it only these times when we do the right thing?

Is that what it takes for action to occur that there has to be a failure for people to act?  Foresight isn’t enough?  Ideology and selfishness stand in the way until catastrophe or personal identification with an issue becomes the motivating factor?  But this waiting is unrealistic when it comes to countless others who are oppressed due to inequitable policies but aren’t fortunate enough to have the coffers to grease the representatives.  So let’s not emote about the power of “the right thing” too much.  Not enough of the right thing is getting done in the year 2011 when a religious institution guided by 2500 year old dogma still controls the driving force behind many of the policies that fail to do the right thing, one way or another, for most of the electorate.  Ignorance fostered by fear, instilled by the ability of damnation, is the road block to enlightened change.  When there are some who still question whether homosexuality is a choice is still permeating the air, it’s testament that education is not the call of the day.  When the knowledge is not promoted that there is no such thing as race, it shouldn’t be a surprise that discrimination based on ethnicity still exists.

But unless you’re of a past noted minority, hence, no personal dog in the fight, we cannot feel empathy for those discriminated against?  We refuse to acknowledge that over the past 150 years, thru Jim Crow laws and vestigial policies, a significant portion of the population has been disadvantaged in the race for equality because opportunities were different for them vs. those not considered minorities.  That this discrimination didn’t simply disappear with the emancipation of the slaves, no less than the discrimination against homosexuality will not disappear until truly the mindset changes in a church that advocates that homosexuality is an abomination and should be punishable by death; but short of that, economic and civil discrimination will persist in the time being.  Those educated along church dogma will not give up the ignorance until the church recognizes the discriminating ways of its teachings and releases its flock from obedience.  Maybe it’s time for those without the money, but to vote in unison with others of the same sentiment, to make the difference and do the right thing.  Maybe it’s time to show the money that the right thing should be the motivating force for our actions, not the things money can buy.  Happiness to homosexuals was brought to those representatives dealing with the issue close to home because the vote was bought. Too bad, doing the right thing shouldn’t have to cost money, but it did.  Education is the equalizer.  Too bad it comes down to people having to experience the hurt to realize that doing the right thing gets done too late for many.

How many died as victims because the right thing was not done?  Martin Luther King had it right in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail when he said, it can’t wait.  How many more days will we have to wait for the right things to get done because dogmas and ideology stand in the way of equality because ideology and dogma are membership requirements into a club that stands in the way of helping humanity as opposed to only those few fortunate enough to have the money to buy the happiness?  But that money will not buy the recognition on a humane level, only a civic level.  And in the eyes of those experiencing the discrimination, it’s not true recognition of equality when there is still the opposition who never understands the equality even when it, begrudgingly, has been coerced by a vote.  It will never understand unless there’s education to stand in the way of the discrimination; and that will be the right thing.
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