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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

There's No Excuse.......

For ignorance.  Not when we have an internet that can connect us to almost any thought out there in the world.

For not knowing what other ideas are out there when we have the interconnectivity of Facebook, Twitter and email.

For believing in one sided ideas that comfort us because we’re afraid to face the truth. 

For not comparing different ideas when the ones we hold on to aren’t solving current problems.

For believing in the belief of the day from 2500 years ago when because of no communication between parts of the world, the belief of the day was literally that.

For laziness when it comes to knowledge.  Not when the internet makes it so easy to get answers when we can simply Google or Bing for alternative views.

For believing there are insurmountable differences among people when we can simply travel the internet and read their views, understand their motives, and realize, deep down, they’re just like us because we share the same human universals.

For not making the same access to knowledge available to all people on earth that others take for granted simply because their opportunities in life are different.

Those opportunities befall people simply due to the luck of the draw, so to speak.  The child born in deepest Africa has less opportunity for education yet his genes are essentially the same; yet we make little effort to help equalize the playing field.

That a child should be raised with the idea that the goal in life should be to wipe out a sect of people because they took something from them; or they’re different other than culturally.

There’s no excuse for not seeking an alternative view or redress when the existing one is cause for conflict; as opposed to moving on with the injustice and attempting to correct the wrong.

There’s no excuse for dwiddeling over ideology when the world has serious issues of climate change, healthcare, aging populations, disease, famine and a host of other issues that concern us as threats to our humanity.

There’s no excuse for maintaining traditions of the past because you’re afraid of the future.

There’s no excuse to smoke cigarettes when there’s plenty of reasons and ways to stop; particularly when there’ll be help on this site. And particularly when all it takes is some willpower.  You weren’t born with a cigarette in your mouth; it’s not a vestigial organ.

There’s no excuse why some feel compelled to jump off bridges because they’re made to feel like outcasts from a group---of other people.

There’s no excuse why people of different colored skin shouldn’t have the same opportunities when it’s been discovered that underneath the color of the skin we find out we are essentially the same.

There’s no excuse for laziness unless that’s the charge of the day.  But to perpetuate fallacies because it takes a little effort to research the answer; there’s no excuse; particularly when people suffer because of ignorance.

There’s no excuse for not trying something different (we’re talking responsible behavior here, not “Jackass” stuff) because tradition says that’s the way it has to be.  If scientists and inventors believed that, some of us would not have moved beyond the Stone Age; yet some still act like they’re living in the Stone Age.

And for those who have not advanced beyond the teachings of a 2500 year old tribal story book and still think they are timeless tenets to live by; there’s no excuse.  Nothing is forever, nor should it expect to have to be; particularly when the world changes every day before our eyes.  And if things aren’t working out well, there’s no excuse not explore other solutions.  Why are only businesses expected to modify their M.O.’s when profits are down? 

There’s no excuse for mankind not taking responsible approaches to problems that affect all yet some tailor the solutions to favor some; not to mention at the expense of others.

There’s no excuse for a lot of things, so why do they persist? 

The status quo should never be acceptable when people suffer because of it.

There’s no excuse for denying human rights to anyone on earth regardless of any philosophical rationalizations to the contrary.  Human rights are inalienable rights afforded to all that transcend cultures, dogma, and transient opinions.  The reason being; all human kind is created equally, regardless of skin color.  There’s no excuse for failure to recognize this scientific fact.
No Flies !            

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