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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pedophilia Outrage!

It’s the only word that should immediately come to mind when hearing of the latest church cover-up.  You can believe anything you want—but at what cost?  Once again we hear of the clergy involved in accusations of abuse towards its youngest and most defenseless members.  And once again, there are accusations of cover-up.  These are not baseless stories.  They’ve happened too often to be all false.  One wonders if this is out of the ordinary or is it understandable considering the dogma the clergy must follow; sex starved animals.   Makes sense if sex is denied among the members and innocent children are plentiful; forbidden fruits to them?  On top of that, the code of the church, according to Saddleback Church’s, Rick Warren, is covering it up.  It all makes sense. 

But this conduct will continue until enablers come to their senses.  How do you accept one coercing another saying “god loves you” while committing unconsentual sodomy or rape?  Committed against children, it’s beyond cruel; it’s criminal.  There is no defense for taking advantage of innocence.  And these criminals are the people whose guidance is sought; the people who guide the community?  Who is your all so powerful and knowing god that permits this treatment in his name? Who is the hierarchy that establishes these dens of sin from within and threatens those that question its ministry?   Anyone who says they know it all (religion) ---has something to hide. Where is the outrage to demand the truth from these charlatans pompously parading around in beanies and bathrobes? 

Their armies of priests have done their jobs well.  You live in fear of retribution for lack of devotion.  You hide behind their sermons of hypocrisy; behind their pleas for hope, their promises of eternity, in their shadows of secrecy and deceit for their ends.   Step into the light as they say.  Let it shine on what has been perpetrated on humanity.  The greatest crutch is the church (religion); the greatest dictator of thought.

How ignorantly complicit can you be to ignore the signs? How stupidly na├»ve can you be to enable this charade to continue? Your silence by not demanding proof of claims enables those to take advantage of the defenseless.  Yet, perhaps you are just as defenseless.  Mothers you have culpability.  In these men controlled organizations you dutifully sacrifice your children and abdicate your motherly protective instincts for blind faith.  Stepford Wives pale in comparison. Yet again you would mindlessly defend these actions and ideology in the name of fellowship---till the death of many. You dare not speak up for fear being labeled a devil for questioning their authenticity.  You live in fear.  It is their invisible weapon of choice.  But the opportunity for this situation shouldn’t happen.  Those that are aware of it, cover it up, all under the guise that there simply are those that sin, like shit happens, are enablers.  They are part of the system that feeds on the opportunity to commit these acts as well as perpetrating the greater scam of mind control.

How much is the world supposed to endure the persecution, the wars, the slavery, the child abuse, the brainwashing, the hypocrisy; all in the pursuit of some 2500 year old dogma?  In the name of the continuation of senseless ideology you do have that choice to follow; but at what price?

Defenseless children, perks for priests, are subjected to the irrational desires of adults.  Essentially from birth they are indoctrinated with false claims of angels, demons, deities and pseudoscience.  And for risking this exposure, what is the return; the ludicrous claim to live in eternity?  In this pursuit you doom your children to tend the same fruitless tree.

It’s chutzpah to accuse homosexuals of pedophilic behavior when it seems the church has a greater disposition and track record of this behavior.  It’s chutzpah to believe in helping your brother---to take from others.  It’s chutzpah to believe that your way of life is the only way and you’ll go to all ends to convert those that find their own happiness in other beliefs.  It’s chutzpah to enlist members under the guise of brotherhood when all that is being peddled is groupthink—for good or bad.  It’s chutzpah to deny your own children their human rights.

You just keep on subjecting your kids to these pedophiles and purveyors of fraud.    You keep prostrating yourself for the privilege of associating with a sect/cult that teaches, you should abstain and sacrifice your natural instincts and comfort.  Isn’t your kid’s happiness and healthy development more important than your deal for living in eternity; which, frankly, is a bunch of bullshit?  

I’m sorry, but I don’t know of any other way to have acceptably stated this.  You can continue buy into this whole thing.  Maybe you, too, were blindly subjected to this manipulation and conditioning. But what makes you think your children would want to perpetuate your beliefs if given the choice? We smoked before the Surgeon General educated us to the effects of smoking, but, when informed, we stopped.  What will it take for you to come to your senses?  How badly the outrage?
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