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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pass the aspirin. We need an overhaul.

It’s becoming obvious that things are changing at light speed compared to 30 years ago.  I don’t know about you, but we‘re not living in MY father’s world.  Life expectancy is outliving social security.  Communication is changing faster than one can write about it.  World events: Libya, Japan, Mideast uprisings, financial, tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear issues; remember Afghanistan, Iraq?  How about global warming, that’s not waiting.  Energy policy, health care, education, basketball brackets; seems like the inmates are running loose in the asylum and we’re like chimpanzees on fire.  What’s next?  We need a breather.  We need some jobs.  And it’s all happening faster than we can deal with, particularly when we have competing interests.  Do we need people pushing when we need all pulling?  And there’ll always be somebody that second guesses the plan. Someone will always find something wrong with the policy because it wasn’t their side who initiated the solution.  And sometimes the solution isn’t the best because one side postures and refuses to make meaningful contributions.  Shouldn’t the needs of the people transcend partisanship?  

We’re not living in MY father’s world, let alone, yours.  Not to say our fathers didn’t know a lot of stuff.  In the meantime, by ordinary standards, we’re having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at us on a daily basis; because it’s the Age of Inter-connectivity. Everybody hears about everything instantaneously and it’s enough to make anyone’s hair go gray overnight.  But the point is, although we can’t stop going forward, are we going to trust those who rely on 2500 year old, faith based criteria, and rigid ideology? Or those who might try to make the best decisions based on the circumstances without the chest beating of our fathers along with those who have, at least, a pulse on what’s happening today and can be flexible and creative in solving problems?  We don’t live in an isolated world anymore; changing demographics and technologies have assured us of that.  Do we really believe we are supermen; or a people who can keep a level head under pressure while rationally thinking through the options?  More gorillas on fire we don’t need. Yes, we like the passion, but that might be old school; because we’re taught to watch our anger, so there’s a contradiction fer ya. 

The whole world doesn’t buy our dogma, and we don’t need enemies.  But we should try to do the best we can.  Unfortunately, we aren’t clairvoyant, and some of our choices would leave, Joshua, the computer from War Games, baffled.   We also have to hurdle those who don’t care about solving problems as long as their solutions fall within their ideological criteria----regardless of right or wrong, for today’s world.  They don’t care that we have neighbors who might be affected by our decisions or that people have human rights. It’s, let’s live in a colonialist, imperial, past.  Or, I’ve got mine---you’re on your own.

We need people who have a pulse on the past but who see the direction of the future.

We need to review our policy paradigms.  The old ones don’t work anymore; just the way trying to fit 1950’s size policy in a 2011 size era, won’t work either.   Social security has to be adjusted along with realistic health care costs while recognizing new life expectancies and changing demographics. Foreign world intervention has to be reviewed based on the recognition that there are other people living in the world with equal human rights and ours don’t trump theirs; regardless of needs. We also can’t be the world’s policeman; our face being the first in the door gets the recognition; maybe something we don’t need. Our demographics are changing as our population ages and health and retirement programs are affected; not everyone can take care of themselves.  We need an energy policy that enables us to be less reactive to outside pressures that affect our supplies and cost.  By the same token, this policy will affect the environment.  Let’s not forget about that; we’re all living under the same sky and breathe the same air. The soaring cost of education is creating less opportunity for those who can’t afford it.  In the long run, this is not productive for a society; everybody shouldn’t aspire to work at Walmart.  Who will make the intellectual contributions to our society; foreigners who take their educations home?  Which addresses the next issue; is there anybody here who’s a Native American?  If not, what gives you the right to practice NOAM (no one after me)?  We’re all immigrants, and it’s what’s made this country what it is/was.  

Ideologues stand on ceremony and in the way of solutions, not those who recognize that changing worlds demand flexible solutions.  Remember, 1950’s modus operandi is 60 years old; does your father’s rotary telephone still work?  Why should almost anything else from that era, not to mention 2500 years ago?  We need an attempt at solving these problems with symbiotic relationships.  Why can’t we do it like a Manhattan project?  We have supercomputers along with the most brilliant minds in the country.  We need a grand unifying theory for the 21st century, not competing policies dictated by old dogma. Although not perfect, I’m sure; at least it’s not an aging hodgepodge lodge. 

This time should be looked at like a rebuilding and transition period with a spirit of world cooperation.  We may find it hard, believing we are abdicating our leadership position.  But that should be militarily only.  We will, again, find ourselves leading because of our ideas that are those of inclusiveness rather than imperialistic. It will be, in part, because of the mass of who we are.  With more consistent policies I think the rest of the world will understand if we ask for their assistance rather than placing our interests first. Being humble will be more fruitful.  Their respect will follow, our influence easier to implement.  Bullying is not the place to be in the future.  Give them choices, but not with guns to their heads.

Too many others can demand our attention.  We have our own needs that need attending to that costs money.  If we can maintain our internal strength we can be there for those that need us in the future.  But unless we are strong, we will eventually exhaust ourselves. We will lose by default.  Simply cutting deficits isn’t a recipe for competing.  In addition to price, people are attracted to good karma.  This concept of accomplishment requires pragmatical thinking---not dogma.  Although it might be nice to be able to rely on some guiding principles if life were static, life in today’s world is not stagnant; and kinda fluid if you know what I mean.  We should consider the feelings of others---no?  When was the last time a dog bit the hand that was feeding it?  We won’t make everybody happy all the time.  But we should stick to our core paradigm of flexibility and determination.  It’s what’s made us great.  Although we have gotten into trouble because of dogma, perhaps we have an opportunity now to correct the course. 

We have to not only create a business plan, but a human plan that works for all for as many things as we can, not for a few for as little as we want.  It’s also a time to review our military commitments and our potentially belligerent practices. It’s time to ask others to do the same, because we can’t indulge in their bigotry. It’s inconsistent policies that compromises our integrity and security.  Remember, sometimes posturing by others is simply that.  We are all of the same flesh; we all have the same human nature universals and desire to have them respected.  Do we have to take it to the brink of mutual destruction, or can we, instead, see past the blustering and try to solve other’s needs in a non belligerent fashion of cooperation and mutual respect?  Can’t even enemies cooperate if we see we have common goals as humans?  Can’t we see the hurt caused by past and present actions of colonialism and discrimination?  And even if it was at one time wrong---can’t it be corrected without malice and bitterness because it happened under false pretenses; and start the healing?  Will we never get past this idea that digging in with extreme polarization is not the answer?  In the meantime, pass the Aspirin and spread the word; haven’t you heard? We are all the same regardless of appearance.

                  No Flies!      

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