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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Brooks gets outed!

        I have noticed, lately, one time staunch conservatives who have an open mind (that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one) have displayed some thoughtfulness to the conundrum of their line of thinking.  I believe they have opened the door to expose that behind their staunch conservatism, they are really getting in touch with their sensitivity. Good job, David. Those that are willing to drill down to the roots of behavior and concede their cloud of flies exist, can possibly start to get rid of them. Thenoflieszone is pleased to be ahead of the curve here.
        We can also pause to observe the moment of recognition when the media finally gets onto something that’s more than a reactive headline.  This is a quality movement and it’s finally been brought to the surface via a leading publication.  Not a tea party type, angry, divisive, movement; but a movement of inclusiveness that leaves no one behind but considers all for solutions; a movement that transcends ideology and dogma with equality. A movement that our children will be proud to say also came from their parents in addition to the rubble we are leaving them. Maybe this is our “gutter” moment.  Some know, “when you’re in the gutter, there’s no way to look but up.” 
        It appears that Mr. Brooks has become aware of some of the latest scientific findings that shed light on man’s true equality.  Because of this realization, it’ll become evident that the paradigm for the past 500 years has been one based on colonialism and 2500 year old dogma.  At that point, the “holy shit” moment, will come the question, how do we untangle the spaghetti bowl of injustice?  How do we try to make it right?  The best we can hope for is that the day of recognition does come to enough to start to make a difference.  That will be progress in itself.  As any recovering anybody knows, recognition of the problem is half the battle.  And then the next step will be to reverse these engines of disparity.
        This will truly be the test of emancipation from the cloud.  But I don’t know that he’s ready to go hardcore yet with the exploration of the foundation for the old conduct.  I don’t know that he’s ready to confront the ramifications of his eureka moment.  It IS a, long overdue, can of worms once one truly realizes the basis of the equality and the significance of the moment. But don’t be intimidated, the funny thing is, to correct the wrongs is easier than one thinks.  It’s like when one offloads the mind’s guilt or the truth emerges we feel “free”.  Like a Bernie Madoff couldn’t contain the madness or the burden of his scheme.
        Politicians say we have to get the country back on track.  We don’t want the likes of Newt’s Gingrich’s divisive, old, “colonialist track” of solving problems at the expense of many.  We want a new, modern, track built for all, dated 2011.  
                                 No Flies            

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