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Thursday, February 24, 2011

What IS it about?

It’s not about us. What’s going on in the Mideast in the Arab world is not about us and what can we do about it to protect OUR interests. It’s about their reaching a critical mass of populations in conjunction with communication and technological advancements that is causing awareness to their history of oppression. They have needs that have not been met and the issues are coming to a head. It’s about their needs.

It’s not about us when there are millions of people dying of disease and famine across the world. Yet some look at it like nature’s population control.

It’s not about us and whose god is better than another’s. It’s not about us because we’re paranoid and think there are some who want to annihilate us because they have nothing better to do. Perhaps we should review our policies to see why they’re so pissed off rather than us arrogantly thinking our way is the only way. Perhaps going forward it’s time to reassess our dependencies and enabling policies that we now find biting us in the ass. But blind faith doesn’t get the job done. As a matter of fact, blind faith helped get us into some of the mess. So on one hand it’s not about us over there; but it is about us over here.

We’ve had a spaghetti bowl of agendas for centuries and some have been at the expense of others. Some have led to our current dilemmas. We don’t even have a comprehensive energy policy and yet we continue to pay for it in multiple ways. What will it take to get the message? When we were untouchable prior to 9/11 our exposure was limited. In today’s world it can’t be about just us---because we have vulnerabilities. We all can’t live in a hermetically sealed condom. It’s not about our world---it’s about everybody’s home.

It’s not about us when people cross borders as a natural process of migration to better their lives. We should welcome them and figure out how they can assimilate into society so we can mutually benefit each other. It’s who we‘ve been, and should continue to be. What’s changed? The conservative’s beloved Ronald Reagan challenged Russia’s Mikhail Gorbachev to take down a wall. We’re looking to erect them.

It IS about us when hate crimes are still a part of our lives. When people of one colored skin victimize another because of a different skin color. When people who love each other regardless of sex cannot be considered as equals---and worse yet, be damned in the eyes of some. It’s about us when certain people are shamed about their natural behavior and they jump off bridges because they don’t know who to turn to. It’s about us being selfishly ignorant.

It’s about all of us when we look to deities and demons as causes and solutions to our predicaments. And when the “almighties” don’t answer, we look for labels to make scapegoats.

Health care, education, discrimination, human rights; it’s not about achieving capitalism at any expense. It’s about seeking a system or a balance that works for all. Tax policy, military spending, energy policy enables a disproportionate distribution of wealth and controlling voices creating a vicious cycle of the haves having more and the populous having less. It’s not a system where the pendulum is at rest. What do you get when you eliminate the middle class? It’s about us when we create “us” vs. “them” and ignore the “We“, as in “We the people….”

Human nature has universals that are shared by ALL people on the earth. Not some entitled to more than others because opportunities were different. It’s about acknowledging and respecting other’s rights to realize their potential. It’s about rechanneling resources to do good rather than destruction simply for a win. Sometimes helping others is a bigger win in the long run. We should reassess our priorities and not dogmatically hold on to the outdated. We live in the 21st century---not the era of King Josiah; 7th century BCE Judah. We should embrace the tools and discoveries that 2500 years have afforded us through the advancements of science.

It can’t be about us vs. them since we are not us anymore when we are part of the world community; we are them too. When someone farts in another part of the world---we are affected. That’s how small the planet is because of telecommunications.

It IS about us when we have effectively 15% unemployed, if not more, our infrastructure is in disrepair, and we’re stuck with ideological conversations rather than finding ways to create jobs and maintain our status in the world. And that’s just to keep running in place.

It IS about us when it comes to international competition in the workplace; not arbitrarily sacrificing human rights and integrity for the pleasure and cannibalizing ourselves because of outdated work rules. We have not eliminated slavery when there are those who advocate the elimination of the minimum wage under the idea that we should be more globally competitive. A job at Wall Mart shouldn’t be the aspiration of most. C’mon, we can do better.

It IS about us with the embarrassing response for a country of our stature when spending trillions chasing lies in the Mideast we couldn’t show the world how we take care of our own; Hurricane Katrina victims. And what did we get for the Iraq/Afghani excursion; the blueprint for the worst recession since the 30’s.
We can disagree, but we can also be civil and not permit ourselves to be manipulated by fear mongers and demagogues. We can have our differences in ideologies but must recognize that it’s not winner take all---all or nothing. No one should win at the expense of the quality of the lives of the disadvantaged or less fortunate.

It IS about us when there are people in this country who have not had the same opportunity as others; and they pay for it.

It’s about helping our children to live in a better world. It’s about helping all to get the most out of their lives while on this earth. You’d be surprised, it’s a human nature universal. We should take the time to understand who lives beyond our borders.

It’s not about Republican vs. democrat; liberal vs. conservative. It’s about being open minded to solutions to make it a better world; one with mutual respect for all---without ideological dogma leading the conversation; without believing that one culture is superior to another or that one person of one color is any different in any way than another of a different color. Those days should be over. It’s all about education.

No Flies 


  1. interesting post. you might like lupe's new song "words i never said"

  2. Dear human Blogger,
    The good news is that I have ideas that I can share with you. The bad news is that I will first disagree with your view of certain jobs. Jobs provide high or low incomes. Jobs are status symbols (high, low or average). Jobs can be secure and long lasting or not, insecure with high turnovers or not. Fulltime permanent jobs give workers the following choices: "love it or leave it." But if they cannot afford to "leave it", they just "hate it." This situation defines many lives.
    In all societies (capitalist, communist or socialist) where fulltime jobs exist, you will find people who are stuck in jobs that they cannot leave without risking personal financial collapse. If and when you find yourself facing financial collapse one day and on the verge of becoming homeless, please do not apply for a job at Wall Mart and displace another worker who had embraced the Walt Mart job for the long run. The fact of the matter is that these jobs exist and will always exist and “someone has to do it.”
    The only solution is for society to be organized in such a way that workers can change jobs with fewer risk and fewer loss of seniority related benefits. I have the answer and am considering writing a book entitled “the end of slavery type jobs.” This takes care of outdated work rules.
    Because of Japan’s nuclear fart, I decided that the energy policy should be as follows: No nuclear plant should be built until all the roofs on top of all the houses have solar panels installed.
    PRPaul1 (generatorblue) channel
    Note: Maybe we can write that book together.
    Note2: You misspelled Skeptical in the introduction at the top of the page.
    I like the article and will post more comments on another occasion.

  3. PRPaul1----Didn't mean to insult Wallmart employees so apologies if/so for that. My point was that with better education and job opportunities, those compelled to work at the big box might have had different alternatives. It's telling that a low cost seller and employer like Wallmart is in growth mode. Is there a middle class anymore?
    We stand by the spelling of sceptical
    No Flies

  4. No Flies---

    This is what the book was going to be about.
    Imagine a world in which all jobs were half-time jobs. By "half-time" I mean the following.
    If I get a job from one employer, I will need to report to work every other week (week 1 and then week 3). If I want to work full-time, I will still be looking for another half-time job that require me to report to work on the even numbered weeks (week 2 and week 4). But, if instead of working full-time, I want to go to school half the time, there will be schools that offer classes to accommodate the alternating weeks schedules. In short, nearly all full-time workers will have two employers. Workers will no longer be at the mercy of one employer.
    It does no matter how the society is organized as long as full-time jobs are already defined, this system can be implemented. As a matter of facts, there are doctors and other workers who work for more than one employer.
    The total amount of working hours will not change. The benefits will simply be split in half. What will change are the lives of the working people who will finally have the ability to climb up or down the social ladder. Some will choose to move side to side doing two different jobs that require the same skill level. They will all meet more people and have more skills. In short the country will have a more versatile and educated workforce. I am ready to defend that idea with all its implications. Finally, those who wish to work for the same big box, should also be allowed to do so.
    I say: Two bosses are better than one.

  5. I named this webbing of the job market "the multiplication of labor." Such a setup will enrich the lives of workers and countries. The losers will be the companies who whish to control every aspect of the workers lives.